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Custom Fragrance for Home, Bath, and Body.

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Ticked Off - Organic + Natural Tick Repellent Spray for this Season!

Erin Fortune


It’s that time of year again! The one that all of us outdoor and gardening enthusiasts live for but silently struggle through a little because of the ticks and biting insects. Having suffered massive mosquito bites and horrible tick bites, I had to come up with a solution to combat nature with nature itself.

After buying numerous chemically filled tick and insect sprays out of total desperation…I realized I was spending the money and absorbing these chemicals for nothing! Because they still were not working! So, I turned to my aromatherapy guru Mom who had the 3 ingredient natural essential oil base that these insects DESPISE!

Geranium + Cedarwood + Rose = Biting insects worst nightmare :-)

So, after multiple recipe experiments and trials in many various kinds of environments….I am excited and super grateful to have found one that actually WORKS!!!


Our “TICKED OFF” spray is phenomenal and most of all…effective.

Using , geranium and cedar wood as the dominant ingredients, we have blended them with pure therapeutic grade lemongrass, peppermint, rose and our lavender hydrosol.

This spray is safe for the skin and clothing. I suggest applying to both, including your backpack or any other gear you may have while outdoors!

Not only is this spray an effective, natural way to combat the season’s insects, but it is affordable! Our 8oz. bottle of TICKED OFF is only $13.00. We also offer a 2oz. travel size TICKED OFF spray for $6.00.

We create each bottle by hand and in small batches to ensure the freshness and maximum benefit of the oils used. Store in a cool and dark place. Shake well before use. If you would like to apply to the face area, spray onto your fingertips and apply to face, keeping away from the eye area.

I hope this spray helps bring you a little more peace of mind and comfort while outdoors and gardening this season!

Written by : Erin Fortune

Personalized Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Mom

Erin Fortune

How do you plan to celebrate the Moms in your life?! We’ve put together a personalized, memorable gift guide to help celebrate these special souls! In addition to mindful gifts we recommend quality time, love and gratitude. :)

Here are our picks for the special ladies in your life!


Gifts for the Outdoorsy, Green Thumb, Adventurer Mom

If she loves getting her hands in the dirt and finds solace in the garden, how about bringing some of the outdoors in with a super unique Succulent Earth Pod + Birchwood stand? These Earth Pods are incredibly easy to care for and are handmade with lots of love!

Adventures in the mountains, winding dirt roads, fields of flowers, calming waters and likes to “just wing it”…then we’re sure she’ll dig this “Let’s Just Go” Camp Mug!

With any outdoorsy, free spirited lady…our custom blended Bug Bite Relief - Essential Oil Roll On will be an awesome gift she can take with her anywhere!


Gifts for the New Mom

To help relieve tension, sore muscles and joint aches our Organic Muscle Relief is a wonderful solution and so easy to apply with a roll on top!

As a new mom, taking the time to keep your skin healthy needs to be quick, convenient and easy. She will love our Revitalizing Hydrator with a few drops of Lavender to help renew and hydrate her skin in two seconds!

To assist in relieving stress or worry, the Lava Rock Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelet is perfect! Adding a few drops of an uplifting or calming blend to the beads help bring comfort all day long.


Gifts for the Busy Working Mom

If she is always on the go go go and ready for to check off the next item on her to do list, the Stress Less Essential Oil Inhaler is a perfect solution that will bring aromatherapy relief to help recenter and a relieve stress.

One of our Essential Oil Diffusers would be a perfect addition to the home or office space. Adding water and a few drops of any essential oil is an all day treat. These have automatic shut offs, so she won’t have to!

When it’s finally time to wind down the day, our Cucumber Cleansing Cream takes care of all skincare cleansing fast and easy! She will love the calming smell and texture.

Gifts for the Stressed Mom

To help her relax and take 15 minutes for herself, we can’t rave enough about the benefits of our Himalayan Mineral Bath Salts. The lavender blend helps to ease and soothe any tension in the body and mind. Adding one scoop to a nice hot bath is something she deserves and will enjoy with these healing salts!

For a quick vibe reset…3 sprays of our No Bad Vibes Smudge Spray will reset the energy, tone and mood of a space. With mindfully blended essential oils, this calming elixir is a must have.

The La Tee Dah Effusion Lamp is a beautiful addition to any space. Fill the bottle with a calming oil fragrance, light once, and diffuses instantly.


Gifts for the Artsy, Creative Mom

She loves working with her hands, creating things or projects inspired from Pinterest, and digs funky colors and patterns!

Our Happy Boxes and sure to make her smile. Filled with unique and creative items these are sure to inspire her.

Lighting some Incense on a hand carved marble Incense Holder would be nice while she’s getting ready to create her latest project or idea!

Our Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklaces are sure to make her smile, bringing lots of good vibes and are so unique just like her!

Moms deserve more than just one day a year! We hope that some of these ideas will bring ongoing love for the special ladies in your life!