Concentrated Focus - Natural Focus Aid

School looks a bit different this year to say the least! Fall shifted from all the kids going back to school in person, to remote learning. For many adults, work is the same way. Many are still navigating life virtually either full or part time and that can be hard to handle when there are so many distractions around the household.

Whether you are reading this for yourself, your school aged child or you’re a college student looking for something to help keep you on task, Concentrated Focus is the perfect natural tool to bring you back to center and FOCUS!

What oils do we use and why?

Bergamot - relieves stress, tension
Cedarwood - relieves anxiety, stress, tension
Eucalyptus - helps uplift the mind and mood, helps concentration
Frankincense - very calming and relieves tension, nervousness
Lemon - helps concentrate, uplift 
Patchouli - centers the body and mind, helps relieve moodiness, tension
Rosemary - memory enhancement
Ylang Ylang - relieves nervous, tension, stress, fatigue

Where do I apply this oil?
We recommend you apply to your pulse points: wrists, inside elbows, neck, behind the ears.

Crystal pairings for this blend: Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Fluorite, Clear Quartz

These oils are an effective and natural way to support mental alertness, memory retention, and mental clarity. If this blend has an oil you don’t like or there’s one you want to add, come in store to create your own custom focus blend!

*Safe for children to use and wonderful for them to apply directly onto the skin with a roller ball or an aromatherapy essential oil bracelet!

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