Here at Fragrance Fusion, we’re a good source of knowledge. The owner, Erin, is a certified aromatherapist and herbalist. Before Fragrance Fusion, she worked with Christian Dior for many years specializing in skincare, fragrance and beauty. 

 What services do we offer?

  • Blending parties – Please give us a call for more information. Pricing depends upon number of people. We strive to make it an affordable and unique experience for your event! 

  •  Custom perfumes that are designer inspired and AFFORDABLE!

  •  Recreation of your favorite scent or perfume. Just bring in a sample and pick up your recreation within two weeks! Prices start at $25 for perfumes.

  •  Consulting for medicinal holistic health use

  • Custom essential oil blending: What does it mean to custom blend?

    • Choose the size that’s right for your needs
    • Ratio of oils used
    • Smell the oils individually to create your own blend
    • Choose how to use – diffuse, roll on, spray, lotion, bath soap
    • Create DIY’s without purchasing bulk quantity elsewhere

We have a recycle policy for new and recurring clients. Bring back your empty bottles and you’ll receive 15% off your next refill.

We offer therapeutic grade essentials oils, fragrance oils and perfume/cologne oils. All of which are tested for purity and free of alcohols and synthetic additives.

We are always here to offer good vibes, knowledge and resources!