Fragrance Fusion offers a holistic experience that is truly one-of-a kind. We supply products that are synergistic to the mind, body, soul + home. Plants are the root of all our top items. 

Taking the holistic approach to health requires an investment of time, resources, and knowledge. It means you're taking a look at your mind, body and soul - all at the same time and attempting to treat them as a connected unit (which of course, they are). EVERYTHING is connected. Our nervous systems, our organs, our muscles, our thoughts and yes, even our emotions. For example, time and time again, scientists have connected stress to chronic physical illnesses. 

So where do we come into this? We believe in natural and holistic remedies to life's occurrences. Finding just the right solution for your unique situation. Anything from self-care to alternative healing. With our quality + organic products you can create a synergistic lifestyle and fuel your spirit while staying within your budget.


Hi y’all I’m Erin :) The maker + face behind Fragrance Fusion.
I grew up in a small town in Kansas where nature, the outdoors, a holistic lifestyle and plants were at the root of my upbringing. As a child and to date, I have been a dreamer, artist, empath and free spirited soul with big goals.
I fell in love with helping women feel beautiful from the inside out, realizing my skills in the beauty industry would allow me to do that full time. I began my career with Christian Dior Parfums as a traveling makeup artist and fragrance specialist, while also going to school to get my cosmetology license. My career with Christian Dior quickly took off and I was able to travel all over the world, becoming a skincare expert then later the Regional Dior Beauty Director based out of Dallas, TX. 
Helping people. That’s always been what makes me feel good from the inside out. After 10 years in the fast paced - no nonsense corporate world, I had an epiphany. It was time to get back to my roots. I wanted to create a business and products that would truly help others, be holistic and plant based and also be an authentic representation of myself. 
Taking all the amazing experience I had gained along the way, I moved back to Kansas and found the perfect little spot to bring this dream to life. Three years later, we’ve transformed and found our flow here at Fragrance Fusion!
I expanded my knowledge in the plant and oil world becoming a certified herbalist + aromatherapist. The science behind plants and oils plus how they work with our minds and bodies is something I can nerd out on forever! A few fun facts about me...I married the love of my life, am a mother to identical twin girls and the amount of animals we have outnumber the humans! 

Hi, I’m Tiffany! I have many roles in life -I am a military wife, a mother, aunt, and plant hoarder. My husband and I have lived in Kansas for the past ten years. Before that I lived in a variety of places including Washington State and Ohio. We have two energetic toddlers, dogs, a cat, and a large flock of chickens. 

I started using essential oils six years ago after my oldest daughter passed away. During this time, I found a natural way with oils to help me walk through the immense grief I was experiencing when I didn’t know where else to turn. Since then, I have continued to implement essential oils with my two living children in our everyday life.

I started out a beginner in creating my own blends at home. Now, I love that I continue to bring that knowledge into creating each client's personal blend. Using oils is a continuous learning experience for me. I have been apprenticing at Fragrance Fusion for a year and have been able to learn so much about custom perfumery using natural oils as well. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it for you! I love what I do! Each client and blend is unique for its own purpose and for that reason, I love Fragrance Fusion!