Easy + Natural Tummy Relief

Ever since I started using essential oils, I have been obsessed with DIY products that are safe and effective for my family without the added chemicals. 

Essential oils can be so impactful for not only our emotions but also our bodies. Stomach aches are inevitable but using plants for relief can make them more manageable! As a mother of two, this has become an absolute essential in our house. Not only do I struggle with an upset stomach often but so do my toddlers. We reach for this one daily! 

This stomach blend is a combination of fennel, ginger, peppermint, spearmint and tangerine. These oils have a commonality when mixed together. Each individual oil has therapeutic uses for being an anti-inflammatory, aiding in digestion and spasm relief. When used together, this blend can aid in maintaining healthy digestion, reduce bloating and discomfort, indigestion, constipation, motion sickness, and stomach flu-like symptoms. 

Blend and dilute in a pretty roller and keep it within reach for those pesky occasions. Rub this blend on the belly button, bottoms of the feet, and stomach following the flow of the digestive tract. This will help stimulate digestion and relieve discomfort. I’ve been using this blend for a couple of years now and will never go without! I love having safe options for my toddlers to be able to grab and roll without thinking about any side effects!

Check out Tummy Relief here!

Pregnant and nursing mothers should use with caution as some oils may affect milk supply.

Children under 12, follow dilution recommendations.

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