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Handmade fresh in house to ensure the perfect ratios, this healing face mask efficiently removes impurities and absorbs toxins that get trapped in the skin.

Also known as volcanic ash, bentonite clay is the remnant of volcanoes! The clay carries a negative charge that causes it to attract substances with positive charge – like toxins, bacteria, and fungi, that pollute the skin. The charge draws out the toxins so that once you wash off the mask, all those things are washed away leaving your skin refreshed and ultra clean. 

For normal to dry / aging skin : Frankincense - Rose - Lavender essential oils

For oily / acne prone skin : Tea Tree - Oregano - Lavender essential oils

Suggested use: 

  • Apply to a cleansed face 
  • Leave for 15 - 20 minutes, while it dries 
  • Remove completley with warm water 
  • * only use fingers, plastic, or wood spatula to apply. Any metal while adversely effect the composition of the clay. 
  • use up to 3x per week