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CHILL OUT aromatherapy mist

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This synergistic essential oil spray is intended to help calm, support + ease agitation of the mind, body + soul. As humans we all experience the ups and downs, and anxieties of everyday life...and often...we need to just chill out and take a big deep breath :)

By using this spray as a natural healing tool, we hope that it brings you a sense of ease and a reminder that it is completely alright to take a moment to recenter yourself. The oils blended together will work with your olfactory senses. Keep this spray near your bedside table, meditation space, car, desk or vanity. Spray upon waking up, going to sleep, before your meditation or as you feel called to take a moment to chill out. Also encouraged to use as a body or linen spray as this blend is safe for the body and skin.

Key notes used : Sage, Bergamot, Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium.

Size : 2.0 oz