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An essential step to beautiful skin, our organic rosewater + witch hazel toner purifies and gently soothes for a renewed and healthy glow. Perfect PH in a bottle for all skin types! Infused with rose quartz crystals. 

  • Witch hazel, geranium essential oil and licorice root. purify the skin bringing it back to the optimal PH level.

  • Rosewater, aloe, calendula, and chamomile blend synergestically to soothe and calm for a healthy glow.

 This toning elixir comes fragrance free. We encourage you to add any additional essential oils of your choice for an additional skincare benefit or for aromatherapy. Wonderful for ALL skin types!

Recommended usage : Suitable for am + pm skincare routines. Shake and apply to the face after cleansing. Allow to air dry. Then apply serum and your favorite moisturizer!

 Comes in 4oz. clear glass bottle with mister top.