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This 100% organic, gentle face cleanser is perfect for all skin types. Enriched with binchotan white charcoal powder, green tea extract, bentonite clay, + acacia plant.

  • Japanese binchotan white charcoal powder works to absorb impurities, including makeup residue.
  • Acacia plant gum adds suppleness.
  • Green tea extract used for its antioxidant an soothing properties.
  • Bentonite clay minimizes pores and lifts away dirt without stripping skin.

This face cleanser comes fragrance free. You may add an essential oil of your choice for an additional skincare benefit or for aromatherapy. Wonderful for ALL skin types!

Recommended usage: Use during am + pm skincare routine. Wash face with lukewarm water, lather and rinse. Follow with your favorite toner, serum and moisturizer!